Frozen Rodents


Pink Mouse


Fuzzy Mouse 

Hopper MousePrice:  $.47

Hop­per Mouse 

Weaning MousePrice:  $.57

Wean­ing Mouse 

Adult MousePrice:  $.62

Adult Mouse 

Retired Breeder MousePrice:  $.67

Retired Breeder Mouse 


Pink RatPrice:  $.62

Pink Rat 

Fuzzy RatPrice:  $.72

Fuzzy Rat 

Rat PupPrice: $0.87

Rat Pup 

Medium RatPrice: $1.57

Medium Rat 

Large RatPrice:$1.87

Large Rat 

Jumbo RatPrice:  $2.27

Jumbo Rat 

Other Ani­mals

Day-old ChicksPrice:  $0.27

Day-old Chicks 

RabbitUnder 2lbs.$4.00, Over 2lbs.  $4.00 per lb.


Ship­ping Information

Frozen rodents are packed with dry ice and shipped UPS Next Day Air Saver. The cost depends on the weight of the entire ship­ment, and must there­fore be esti­mated by us and paid in advance. Heav­ier orders of frozen rodents are packed with dry ice and shipped air freight to your near­est air­port. If you are located in the state of Florida or some parts of Geor­gia, we may be able to ship your order via UPS Ground and have it arrive the next day. If you choose this option, we can­not guar­an­tee frozen deliv­ery or any deliv­ery dates, since there is always the pos­si­bil­ity of a delay. Ship­ping via UPS Ground will always be at the customer’s risk.

Dis­counts and Fees

There is a fee of $6.00 per box for orders less than 100 ani­mals, in addi­tion to ship­ping charges. We offer quan­tity dis­counts as follows:

500 lot: prices drop $0.05 per ani­mal
1000 lot: prices drop $0.10 per animal

The grand total of ani­mals ordered is your lot total. For exam­ple, an order of 250 pink mice, 200 small rats, and 50 adult mice qual­i­fies as a 500 lot and would receive the $0.05 per ani­mal dis­count. Chick prices are not discounted.


Order­ing and Payment

Please call us at (352) 472‑9189 to place orders or receive ship­ping quotes. All orders are to be paid in advance via major credit card, cashier’s check or money order payable to The Gourmet Rodent. Large stand­ing orders for rec­og­nized zoos and insti­tu­tions can be bid with air freight and deliv­ery to your facil­ity included in the price. Pay­ments from such insti­tu­tions shall be net 30 days.

Feed­ing Frozen Thawed Food

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