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The Gourmet Rodent, Inc. spe­cial­izes in two very dis­tinct areas of the rep­tile indus­try: frozen feeder ani­mals and rep­tile pro­duc­tion. In both areas of our busi­ness, we are com­mit­ted to pro­vid­ing qual­ity prod­ucts and excel­lent cus­tomer service.

Frozen Feed­ers

Since 1986, The Gourmet Rodent, Inc. has been pro­vid­ing indi­vid­u­als and insti­tu­tions with supe­rior qual­ity frozen feed­ers. We cur­rently work with sev­eral zoos, wildlife reha­bil­i­ta­tion cen­ters, and even a cou­ple of theme parks to pro­vide frozen mice, rats, rab­bits, and chicks to feed many dif­fer­ent kinds of ani­mals. We also cater to the indi­vid­ual, hav­ing no min­i­mum order require­ments or “quan­tity per bag” restric­tions on order­ing. Please visit the Frozen Rodents sec­tion for pric­ing and order­ing information.

Sal­mo­nella Update:

Recently there has been pub­lic­ity regard­ing a US pro­ducer of frozen rodents that has had to recall prod­uct because they have tested pos­i­tive for Sal­mo­nella in their rodent colony. We have been aware of this prob­lem for well over a year and have done ran­dom test­ing for Sal­mo­nella on the prod­ucts that we sell. We are pleased to say that we have not tested pos­i­tive for Sal­mo­nella in any of the frozen rodents that we have been sell­ing. Sal­mo­nella is a bac­terium that is found in food prod­ucts and live ani­mals, and can cause gas­troen­teri­tis in humans. There are many good resources to become bet­ter informed on the proper way to han­dle ani­mals that are poten­tial car­ri­ers of Sal­mo­nella. One such resource is listed below:



Rep­tile Production

The Gourmet Rodent, Inc. is one of the largest rep­tile breed­ers in the world. Our main focuses are on leop­ard gecko and col­u­brid snake pro­duc­tion. We also offer crested geckos, Russ­ian tor­toises, captive-hatched ball pythons, and African fat tail geckos on a lim­ited or sea­sonal basis. Please visit the Rep­tile Sales sec­tion for more information.

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